3 steps to Focus Connect

Ready to go? Click on the Toolbox button to go to the login portal.

Inspire Attendees

If you have attended one of our Inspire Conferences you may have already registered through the Connect App. Just go to the Toolbox and Sign In.

Step 1

Go to the Toolbox page and sign in with any valid Google account that you want to use when working with Focus Connect.

See below if you haven't got a Google account or you can't remember your Google Password

Step 2

Once signed in complete your Registration your business and contact details. Focus contact you to confirm your details and link your Google account with your Focus trade account.

Step 3

After registration confirmation you will be able to access your Focus Connect Toolbox.

Remember you will need to access your Toolbox via Focus Connect. The Toolbox contains all support material, order forms, active transactions, SDS and more.

No Google Account?

If you haven't already got a Google account you can create one using an existing email address or select the option to create a new one with a Gmail account.

Forgotten your Google password?

If you can't remember your Google Password they have a helpful Password Recovery tool here.

Forgotten your Google account details?

If you can't remember which Google account (email address) you registered with Focus Connect contact the Focus Office

1300 1 36287