Smarter business tools and support

The Toolbox is where you can access business tools and services from Focus - SDS, POS, product images and more.

Inspire Attendees

If you have attended one of our Inspire Conferences you may have already registered. Sign In and a link to the Toolbox should be visible. If not you may need to re-register you company details.

Forgotten your Google account details?

If you can't remember which Google account (email address) you registered for Focus Connect with contact the Focus Office on 1300 1 36287

Forgotten your Google password?

If you can't remember your Google Password they have a helpful Password Recovery tool here.

Accessing Your Toolbox

If you haven't already registered for the Focus Connect it is simple to get going.

  • Sign In to your Google Account - if you haven't got a Google Account you can create one with/without a GMail address

  • Register your business details - We'll contact you to confirm your account matches our financial records of your business account

  • When you Focus Connect account has been authorised you'll be able to click the Toolbox button to go to your accounts Toolbox.