Additional Services


Trade account analytics

Insight is a custom analytical report of your business activity.

Using the Insight report your Focus BDM can sit with you to identify where strengths and weakness

The service is offered free as part of the Focus Connect program.

Example Insight Screen


Predictive Inventory Orders

Intuition helps simplify the business of doing smart business.

With Intuition your business can quickly see a forecast of stock inventory demand for the upcoming period. Save the headaches of running historical sales reports, the time to manage multiple purchase orders and focus on getting the "sale" from having of stock on hand when needed.

The service is offered free as part of the Focus Connect program.

How It Works

An Intuition Forecast is based on the purchase history of your account for the previous financial year. ie. A October 2018 Intuition report will use your purchase history from October 2017. Once generated an email is then issued with a link to a pre-filled Intuition Order outlining the expected stock needs. The business then can adjust/add/remove items and confirm the order. Once placed the order follows the standard process of confirmation, delivery and invoicing as currently performed by the Focus support team.

Example Intuition Order

Connect App

The Power of Focus In Your Hands

The Focus Connect app is the perfect companion to get access to everything Focus wherever and whenever you need it. It's simple to get started. Just register with us your Google account and we'll connect the rest

Step 1

Sign in with you Google ID (if you don't have one then you'll need to create one)

Step 2

Complete your registration details

Step 3

We'll confirm your details and connect the App to the right account.

Just note that this process can take up to 24 hours (during regular trading times)

Step 4

When you are registered you should be able to see the content in the app that corresponds to your Focus trading account and status (eg if your are a Inspire attendee)